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Our goal is to keep your property occupied and generating revenue.

The following sections describe our fee structure, repair policy, and owner distribution.

Management Fees

The following is a summary of the fees we charge and the requirements:

  • Setup Fee – A $350 setup fee is required to establish your account. This fee covers the property inspection and evaluation, digital photos, website setup, data entry into the property management software system and tracking of keys, remotes, etc.
  • Management Fee – Our standard management fee is 10% of the monthly rent collected with a $100 minimum fee.
  • Leasing Fee – A leasing fee of $250 of the first month rent is charged for each new tenant found.
  • Referral Commission – A negotiable fee offered in the MLS to any cooperating broker who procures a suitable tenant for the property. The amount should be comparable to offerings of similar properties in the area. Averages $300+***No management fee is charged during any vacancy period***

Property Management and Repair

Repairs and maintenance due to normal wear and tear will be charged to the owner’s account. We will notify the owner in advance of any repairs exceeding $200 unless the repair is an emergency. Tenant responsibilities include payment or performance of the following:

  • General repairs that cost less than $50.
  • Change AC filters depending on the quality of the filter.
  • Appliances are for the benefit of the tenant and the tenant is not obligated to repair or replace these items.
  • Window breakage and screen repair regardless of the cause of damage.

Property Management and Repair

Monthly distributions are deposited directly into owner accounts or mailed by the 10th of each month.

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